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Water Treatment

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Zhegui Electric can provide urban tap water and sewage treatment projects including 0.4-10Kv medium and low voltage switch cabinets for central power distribution systems, medium and low voltage switch cabinets for the treatment workshops of each branch of the project, soft starters for equipment control, inverter cabinets, and power distribution boxes for lighting. Etc., and can provide related services including PLC control, system integration, mechanical and electrical installation, etc. according to the actual needs of customers. Consider the actual situation of the customer's use environment to provide protection grade IP30-IP68 switch and power distribution equipment.


Application scenarios

Water plant, sewage treatment plant



The intelligent power distribution system solutions for water plants and sewage treatment plants mainly include the central power distribution room and the relevant medium and low voltage switchgear equipment, control boxes, control cabinets and related monitoring secondary equipment PLC and microcomputer protection in the central power distribution room and various sub-processing workshops. , Power meters, energy efficiency management, etc. Among them, the relevant power distribution equipment in each section can be uploaded to the general dispatch center through the relevant monitoring secondary equipment through the centralized control system to realize full intelligent control.


Features and advantages

1. Personalized solutions

It can provide customers with high-end Schneider, Siemens and other authorized cabinets, and can also provide domestic customized standard switch cabinets according to the actual situation to meet the individual needs of customers at different levels.

2. Good environmental adaptability

According to the actual situation of the equipment operation site, various types of power distribution equipment with different protection levels from IP3X to IP68 can be provided.

3. Quick response service process

Quick service sites covering all provinces, cities, and autonomous regions across the country provide 7*24 hours of exclusive services to achieve rapid response, rapid delivery, and rapid resolution.


Core Products

XL-21, MNS


Typical Case