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Our Applications

Zhegui's engineers, system experts and sales team have rich technical and backup support, which can provide customers in the industrial field with the widest range of power distribution and electrical products. Our products are suitable for industrial oil, natural gas and mining, as well as commercial and residential power distribution.

For more than 10 years, zhegui has been providing electrical solutions to various customers. During this period, we have delivered many major electrical projects.

We rely on our works to win the trust of buyers around the world and encourage you to see some of our award-winning projects.

If you want to know about our products and projects, you can select one of the following cases or send us a case, and then contact our team.


Application scenario of school one-stop power system


Ensure the power consumption of teaching buildings, canteens, dormitory buildings and libraries.

Realize the remote monitoring of all power circuits, and have the functions of malicious load judgment, power safety early warning, power restriction management, etc.


Ensuring hospital electricity is to protect life


Our power equipment can meet various needs of the hospital and ensure the power safety of hospital instruments and equipment. Even in case of unexpected power failure, we can also access external power to ensure the life safety of patients

Urban lighting

Urban lighting, lighting up the city


We have mature power system solutions to ensure all kinds of complex power consumption in the city


Ensure residential power consumption and meet daily power supply demand


Electricity is a necessary condition for guaranteeing life, and our equipment escorts the safety of people using electricity

Photovoltaic project

Photovoltaic projects have attracted more and more attention in recent years


Our equipment ensures the power safety of each photovoltaic panel and remotely monitors each degree of power


Power consumption of industrial equipment to protect the safe use of power by enterprises


The power safety of industrial equipment is necessary. Our power equipment ensures your power safety

We will work with other excellent partners to deliver more high-quality products to the world.




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