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— Customers can participate in the on-site inspection of the performance and quality of the manufacturing process, raw materials, and parts, and participate in the product delivery test for delivery acceptance.

— Guarantee to provide the required spare parts within the product warranty period and lifespan.

— Ensure that experienced engineers and technicians are selected to assist the entire installation and debugging work according to the time requirements of the demander, until the equipment is in normal operation.

— Equipment maintenance technical guidance


Commitment to product quality assurance

A. Ensure that the quality management of the equipment provided is fully implemented in accordance with the IS09001 standard, and that the quality management model is certified and effective.

B. Ensure that it is responsible for the quality of its outsourcing supporting parts and equipment. Strict in-factory quality inspections have been carried out during the procurement, and relevant materials such as product quality certificates, instructions for use and inspection reports shall be provided.

C. Ensure that the equipment provided is brand new, unused, manufactured with first-class craftsmanship and best materials, advanced, mature and reliable in technology, and meets the quality specified in the bidding documents and technical agreements in all aspects , Specifications and performance requirements, to ensure that the provided equipment has been properly installed, normally operated and maintained, and has satisfactory and reliable performance during its service life.

D. Ensure that the quality, specifications, performance, quantity and quality of the equipment are inspected in detail and comprehensively before delivery, and a certificate of conformity and an inspection report proving that the equipment conforms to the contract shall be issued.

E. Guarantee to be responsible for any deficiencies or failures of the equipment due to defects in design, workmanship or materials, and recognize the contract and the quality law's penalties for quality accidents caused by the above reasons.

Commitment to product after-sales service

A. Our company welcomes your relevant personnel to inspect the performance and quality of the manufacturing process, raw materials, and parts on site at any time, and participate in the product factory test for factory acceptance.

B. Guarantee to provide the required spare parts within the product warranty period and lifespan.

C. Ensure that according to the time requirements of the demander, select experienced engineering and technical personnel to guide the installation site and assist the entire installation and commissioning work until the equipment is in normal operation.

D. Before commissioning, our technical service personnel will give you a technical explanation in advance, explaining and demonstrating the procedures and methods to be carried out. If problems occur in the procedures confirmed and visaed by our technical service personnel due to the incorrect guidance of our technical service personnel, we shall bear full responsibility and take full responsibility for all actions of the on-site service personnel.

E. After the equipment is put into operation normally, we guarantee the quality guarantee period within 12 months and guarantee the maintenance within the life of the equipment. When you operate normally in accordance with the prescribed methods and methods, if there is a product design, material Or the damage caused by the quality of the workmanship will be repaired free of charge by us. We will bear all the costs of replacing some parts and even updating the product.


Regional sales team can connect with multinational electrical terminal service providers.
Customized products to meet the needs of different engineering projects.
Consultation, drawing, order placement, production, distribution, installation, sales and technical team follow up and guide the whole process.
A large number of practical case experience, a feasible solution provider.
We will work with other excellent partners to deliver more high-quality products to the world.




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