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​Why do we need a Vacuum Circuit Breaker?

Why do we need a Vacuum Circuit Breaker?In urban life today there are different household appliances in every family. When using these devices, people's safety awareness is very low. How is the Vacuum Circuit Breaker used and its function? Properly suited for Vacuum Circuit Breakeres, can guarantee

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​What is the meaning of vacuum circuit breaker?

What is the meaning of vacuum circuit breaker?"vacuum circuit breaker" is called because its arc extinguishing medium and the contact line insulation medium after arc extinction are both high vacuum; It has the advantages of low size, low weight, suitable for frequent operation and maintenance-free

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​What is the meaning of Earthing Switch?

What is the meaning of Earthing Switch?Earthing Switch refers to a mechanical grounding device that releases the static electricity of the equipment and circuits under inspection and to ensure the personal safety of the inspectors during power outage inspections. Earthing Switch can withstand curren

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​What is the importance of the Vacuum Circuit Breaker?

What is the importance of the Vacuum Circuit Breaker?The Vacuum Circuit Breaker is an internal power distribution device in a 3~10kV, 50Hz three-phase AC system. It can be used for the protection and control of electrical equipment in industrial and mining companies, power plants and power stations.

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​What is Isolating Switch?

What is Isolating Switch?Isolating Switch is a type of switch without arc extinguishing device. It is mainly used to separate the circuit without a load current and to isolate the power supply. In the open state there is an obvious separation point to ensure the safe inspection and repair of other e

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​What do you know about the Earthing Switch?

What do you know about the Earthing Switch?The emergence of the Earthing Switch replaces the portable ground wire, which grounds the equipment during high-voltage equipment and line maintenance to protect personal safety. What are the characteristics of Earthing Switch?What is the function of Earthi