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What is the significance of the switchgear?

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What is the significance of the switchgear?

Medium-voltage switchgear generally refers to the range of 10KV to 35KV, and is generally used in power distribution systems. Low-voltage switchgears refer to 400V low-voltage switchgears, which are mainly power distribution in low-voltage systems.

What are the main models of low and medium switchgear?

Low-voltage switchgear is mainly used in the low-voltage power distribution part of the power system. It is mostly installed in the power distribution room. The main models are GGD fixed low-voltage switchgear, GCS type withdrawable low-voltage switchgear, GCS type, GCK withdrawable switchgear And so on, there are usually more than one switchgear combination, the first one is called the incoming switchgear, and the common wiring methods are top in and top out and bottom in and top out. There is no cable trench in the row, and the bottom entry and the top exit are from the trench cable into the bottom of the low-voltage switchgear, and then output from the upper end.

What are the characteristics of the GGD series of low and medium switchgears?

1. The GGD switchgear takes full account of the problem of heat dissipation. At the upper and lower end of the housing there are different heat discharge slits. When the electrical components are heated in the switchgear, the heat rises and is discharged through the top slot, while the cold air from the bottom slot is constantly refilled into the switchgear to free the closed switchgear A natural ventilation channel is created from bottom to top, to achieve the purpose of the heat discharge.

2. The top cover of the switchgear can be removed if necessary to facilitate the installation and adjustment of the main bus on site. The four corners of the cupboard side are equipped with lifting doors for lifting and transporting.

Three. The switchgear is protected by IP30 and the user can also choose between IP20-IP40 depending on environmental requirements.

What are the characteristics of the GCS series of low and medium switchgears?

1. The frame consists of open steel of type 8MF and the main frame is installed with a module of E = 20 mm and a 100 mm F9,2 mm installation hole, making the frame assembly flexible and comfortable.

2. The operating rooms of the switchboard are isolated from each other and the compartments are divided into functional units, collector rails and cable rooms. The role of each chamber is relatively independent.

Three. The horizontal collector rail adopts the horizontal arrangement behind the switchgear to increase the resistance of the collector rail to electrical energy. The basic measure is to run the main circuit with high short-circuit resistance.

Four. The drawer height module is 160 mm. The drawer changes only in height measurements and its width and depth measurements remain unchanged. The drawers of the same functional unit are interchangeable. The nominal current of the device loop is 400 A and less.

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