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Electrical Medium Voltage 3 Phase 11kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker VS1

Phase: Three

Certificate: ISO CCC IEC

Type: Fixed seal, Permanent magnet, Side seal, Pole

Mechanical Life: 20000 Times

Rated Voltage:
Rated Current:
Rated Frequency:
  • VS1(ZN63)

  • Zhegui Electric

  • up to 12kV

  • up to 2500A

  • 50/60HZ

  • 1 piece

  • Offered



    VS1-12(ZN63A) indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is a three-phase AC 50 Hz indoor high voltage switchgear with rated voltage of 7.2-12kV. The circuit breaker meets the requirements of China's national standard gb1984-2003 "AC high voltage circuit breaker ", jb3855-1996 "3.6 ~ 40.5 kV indoor AC high voltage vacuum circuit breaker", d1403-91 "10-35 kV indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker ordering technical conditions" and relevant iec60694. IEC62271-100 standards, and has reliable interlocking function.

    VS1-12(ZN63A) indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker can be operated frequently and has the ability of multiple breaking, and fast reclosing.

    VS1-12(ZN63A) indoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is designed as a front and back separate structure, which can be used as a fixed installation unit or as a separate handcart with a chassis car.


Working Conditons

1.Ambient temperature: - 15ºC-40ºC(daily average ≤35ºC)

2.Environmental humidity: daily average relative humidity s95%

3.Monthly average relative humidity ≤90%

4.Attitude: ≤1000M

5.Use environment: no dripping, fire, explosion, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and violent vibration

6.Seismic intensity: ≤8 degree

7.If the customer deviates from the normal use conditions, they can negotiate with the manufacturer for manufacturing

Types of meaning







(  )


(  )

 vacuum circuit 



Design code 

("A" to be drawable type) 


Rated voltage 



Rated current



Rated short-circuit 

breaking current



Copper plum contact

    It has the advantages of arc resistance and thermal stability and so on


Insulation fust   

    Epoxy resin integrated molding, insulation tube with inner skirt and reinforcement to improve the insulation level and dynamic stability of current ability

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 New operating mechanism

    Real dare to show, the organization, aviation inserts strictly choose new authentic, refused to renovate

VS1-侧装 2 (2)

SDSADA我是你爹sdasdVisual window

   Product specific contact position is only window to avoid misoperation using reliable contact is only window state at a glance

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Vacuum Tuoe Details

       The large vacuum tube used in the zhegui circuit breaker is twice as large asthe ordinary vacuumtube, the outer insulation is corrosion-resistant andwear-resistant, and has the characteristics of large breaking capacity, longcontact life and many allowable breaking times


Product structure drawing


Structure and function


1.Micro switch for switching between energy storage in place
2.Energy storage drive sprocket
3.Energy storage drive wheel
4.Energy storage to maintain the latch
5.Energy storage tension spring
6.Manual energy storage warm
7.Manual energy storage transmission worm gea
8.Motor drive sprocket
9.Energy storage motor
10.Interlocking drive bending
11.Drive chain
12.Locking electromagne
13.Locking electromagnet to lock the iron core
14.Energy storage holding shaft
15.Drive camshaft
17.Energy storage signs


1. Upper outlet block
2. Upper bracket
3. Vacuum interrupter
4. Insulating cylinde
5. Lower outiet block
6. Lower bracket
7. Insulated pull rod (with disc spring inside)
8. Transmission crank arm
9. Opening spring
10. Drive connecting plate
11. Spindle drive crank arm
12. Opening maintain the latch
13. Connecting plate
14. Opening release
15. Manual analysis ejector
16. Can
17. On-offindicator board

Main technical parameters

1contact distancemm11±1
2contact overtravel
3.5 + 0.5
3three-phase non-synchronous closing and openingms≤2
4Bounce time of closing contactms≤2
5Contact pressure of closing contactN20kA25kA31.5kA40kA
2000 ±2002400 ±2003100±2004750 + 250
6Average opening speedm/s0.9-1.2
7Average closing speed