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What is the meaning of the switchgear?

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What is the meaning of the switchgear?

I believe many friends do not know much about low-voltage switchgear, or even know nothing about it. In short, the low-voltage switchgear is a collective device for switches, which can well control the power supply of corresponding equipment. For low-voltage switchgear, its application fields are also very wide, mainly in some power plants, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, related textiles, and even high-rise buildings. Its practical function is to be applied as transmission, distribution and electric energy conversion.

What are the characteristics of low voltage switchgear?

What are the models of low-voltage switchgear?

What is the structure of the low-voltage switchgear?

What are the characteristics of low voltage switchgear?

1. The design of low-voltage switchgear is reasonable: the low-voltage switchgear can carry out the corresponding unit design according to the characteristics of escape port, drawing production and other related switch electrical, so that the functional units can be combined successfully.

2. The structure of low-voltage switchgear is universal, and the corresponding assembly is very flexible: the C-shaped profile can meet the requirements of various structural forms, and can also meet the requirements of i-protection grade and surrounding conditions.

3. The standard modules of low-voltage switchgear can respectively form the corresponding standard unit module structures such as protection, operation, conversion and even control for arbitrary selection.

4. Safety protection of low-voltage switchgear: the low-voltage switchgear applies the isolation between regions, as well as the mutual isolation between the incoming and outgoing lines of functional units, which can effectively strengthen the residual safety protection performance.

5. Technical parameters of low-voltage switchgear: the relevant main technical parameters have reached the international leading level.

What are the models of low-voltage switchgear?

For low-voltage switchgear, there will be different models according to different uses. GGD series switchgear: generally used in power users such as substations, power plants, and factories and mines. The application environment is a power distribution system with AC 50Hz, corresponding rated working voltage of 380V, and corresponding rated working current of 1000-3150A. The role is as power lighting, power generation and distribution related equipment power conversion, and corresponding distribution and control applications.

GCK series switchgear: The application environment is in the control and distribution system of AC 50 (60) Hz, the corresponding rated working voltage is below 660V, and the corresponding rated current is below 4000A. The main application directions are power distribution and electric motors. control. In addition, there are GCS series switch cabinets and MNS series switch cabinets, etc., and their functions are different.

What is the structure of the low-voltage switchgear?

1. The cabinet frame is partially welded and assembled with 8MF cold-formed steel. The frame has mounting holes arranged according to E=20mm and E=100mm modules to improve the versatility of product assembly.

2. The ZMJ type busbar clamp made of high flame-retardant PPO material has a modular structure with high mechanical strength and insulation.

3. The 1000mm and 1200mm wide cabinets adopt a symmetrical double-door structure on the front. The 600mm and 800mm wide cabinets adopt a whole-door structure. The back of the cabinet adopts a symmetrical double-door structure. The cabinet structure is not installed against the wall.

4. The cabinet door is connected to the frame with a galvanized shaft hinge, which is convenient for installation and disassembly. There are rubber inserts at the folding edge of the door.

5. The grounding knurled screw structure is used between the installation parts in the cabinet and the frame to form a complete grounding protection circuit.

6. The top cover of the cabinet can be removed when needed, which is convenient for the assembly and adjustment of the main bus.

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