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Thermal Power

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In order to be applied to low- and medium-voltage power distribution in thermal power plants, Zhegui Electric provides a full range of high-efficiency, safe, reliable and reliable power distribution products, covering from medium-voltage trunk to low-voltage trunk. Power distribution, power distribution and all terminal power distribution methods.


Application scenarios

Thermal power plant



According to the standard DL/T5153-2002 "Technical Specification for Auxiliary Power Supply Design of Thermal Power Plants", the system voltage of the auxiliary power medium voltage electrical system is 10kV, 6kV, 3kV, and the corresponding voltage level is selected according to the needs. demand. The unit capacity is usually 10kV and 6kV. The system voltage of the auxiliary low-voltage electrical system is usually 0.38kV.

For the medium voltage system, part of the electric energy generated by the generator set is lifted and transmitted to the transmission grid, and the other part is passed through the double split high-voltage auxiliary working transformer. Zhegui Electric   provides KYN28 medium voltage switchgear and Siemens authorized NXAirs medium voltage switchgear to meet the protection and control requirements of medium voltage distribution lines.

The medium voltage system supplies power to the low voltage power supply equipment, lighting equipment and maintenance equipment of the factory through the transformers used in the medium and low voltage factories. The low-voltage auxiliary power system usually adopts the power supply mode of the power center PC and the motor control center MCC. For PC and MCC power supplies, Zhegui Electric .provides SIVACON 8PT low-voltage power distribution cabinets authorized by Siemens, Blokset low-voltage power distribution cabinets and MNS low-voltage power distribution cabinets authorized by Schneider, all of which have been fully tested to comply with low-voltage power distribution line protection And motor protection and control requirements.


Features and advantages

1. High breaking capacity

Equipped with high-voltage and medium-voltage switches, it can fully meet the needs of thermal power plants.

2. All-round

Cover and provide a variety of modular high-performance voltage distribution products, suitable for various types of thermal power plant solutions.

3. International advanced technology

Provide a complete set of switchgear authorized by Siemens and Schneider to ensure the high reliability, high safety and high coordination of the power system.


Core Products



XXXXXXX company adopts advanced technology, installs the most advanced large-capacity, high-parameter, high-efficiency boiler and medium-temperature and medium-pressure condensing gas generator set in the world, and its technical and economic indicators are at the forefront of domestic and foreign levels. Zhegui Electric. provides KYN28-12 armored removable metal-enclosed switchgear and MNS low-voltage switchgear. The performance of the equipment is safe and reliable, the bus bar has strong moisture-proof ability, high insulation level, good interchangeability, less maintenance, and can guarantee personal safety to a greater extent.

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