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Zhegui Electric's shopping mall power distribution system solution is an overall solution designed for low-voltage power distribution systems in shopping malls. The overall safety and reliability have been comprehensively improved through the selection setting and optimized design between the electrical equipment and the power supply network. The scope of products and services includes medium and low voltage power distribution products, power quality management, energy efficiency management services, power operation and maintenance services, etc.


Application scenarios

Supermarkets, shops



Zhegui Electric's shopping mall power distribution system solution is based on the overall situation and can provide shopping malls with integrated power distribution services such as medium and low voltage power distribution, power quality management, comprehensive energy efficiency management, power safety and online monitoring. The program integrates medium voltage, substation, and low voltage equipment and services, and can provide users with a cost-effective comprehensive power distribution solution.


Features and advantages

1. One-stop service

Provide one-stop service from components, complete sets of switchgear to system operation and maintenance management, and solve the user's multiple purchase troubles.

2. Flexibility

Flexible scheme design, selection setting and scheme optimization can be carried out according to actual needs.

3. High efficiency

Provide efficient online operation and maintenance services. Online monitoring and operation and maintenance management services can output various electricity consumption reports with one click for relevant personnel to analyze and make decisions.

4. Professionalism

Providing professional offline maintenance services, the combination of online and offline, can save customers a lot of manpower and material resources. To


Core Products

KYN28, MNS, active power filter device


Typical Case


In 2017, Zhegui Electric won the bid for the Zhangjiabosai Plaza project, providing the project with guarantees for the reliable operation of products including high-voltage cabinets and low-voltage cabinets.