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Medium Voltage Ring Main Unit Metal-enclosed Switchgear

XGN2-12 Fixed AC metal-enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as "switchgear"), used as an indoor complete distribution equipment for receiving and distributing electric energy in a three-phase AC 50/60Hz system with rated voltage 3.6-12kV. It has the function of circuit protection and detection.



    RM6(XGND)-12 fully insulated fully enclosed compact switchgear, which can realize functions of control, protection, measurement, monitoring, communication, etc. is especially suitable for places with small distribution facility sites and high-reliability requirements, and places with a relatively harsh natural environment and conditions, such as underground, highland and coastal areas. It is mainly used in areas where land is tight and space is limited, high reliability is required, like industrial and mining enterprises and substations, subways, light rail railways, etc. It combines microprocessor technology, modern network communication technology and new switch manufacturing technology to effectively separate and combine load current and short circuit current.

    The measurement protection control and communication functions configured inside the device can fully meet the requirements of the distribution automation system. The conductive parts of the high voltage components such as circuit breakers, three working position switches and load break switches in the main circuit are installed in a sealed cabinet-type stainless steel casing. The biggest feature is that it is not affected by the external environment, and has high reliability and can make the equipment run safely for a long time in places with poor environment; secondly, the size of the high voltage component is reduced, the device is miniaturized, and the parts inside the sealed casing are free from corrosion and rust, thereby eliminating the influence. In addition, with high voltage components with stable performance and long electrical life, maintenance-free or fewer maintenance requirements can be achieved


Working Conditons

1.Altitude: not more than 2000m

2.Ambient temperature: maximum temperature +40ºC; Minimum temperature -40ºC

3.Relative humidity: ≤95%

4.Earthquake intensity: 9

5.Installation place: the place where there is no water drop, fire, explosion danger, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and violent vibration

Types of meaning

RM 6 -  (  ) - 12
fully insulated fully enclosed compact switchgear design NO. standard module
load break switch
load break switch and fuse combination
 vacuum circuit breaker.
rated voltage (KV)

Testing instrument

    Convenient to observe, monitor, the value of current voltage

RM6 1 (3)

IndustryThe top of the plug   

    Sealing is stronger, conductive performance good quality reliable safety


Three-phase transformer integrated      

   Three-phase unbalance current outflow and reflux interpolation detection, accurate and reliable detection protection performance.




Product structure


1. Cable room 
2. Fuse blow indicator 
3. Fuse room 
4. Installation room 
5. charged display 
6. Pressure indicator 
7. Padlock device on the panel 
8. Earth switch operating hole 
9. Load switch operation hole 
10. Analog circuit diagram 
11. Opening button 
12. Closing button 
13. Circuit breaker operation hole 
14. Disconnect switch operating hole foundation diagram 

Main technical parametersMain technical parameters
1Rated VoltagekV12
2Rated CurrentA630/1250/1600/2000/2500/3150
3Rated FrequencyHz50/60
4Frequency Withstand Voltage in lminPhmse, EarthedkV42
Isolated FracturekV48
5Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage(Peak)Phase, EarthedkV75
Isolated FracturekV85
6Main Busbar Rated CurrentA630/1250/1600/2000/2500/3150
7Branch Busbar Rated CurrentA630/1250/1600/2000/2500/3150
8Rated Shortcircuit Breaking CurrentkA20/25/31.5/40
9Rated Short-time Withstand Current(4s)kA20/25/31.5/40
10Rated Peak Withstand CurrentkA50/63/80/100
11Rated Shortcircuit CurrentkA50/63/80/100
12Aux. circuit Frequency Withstand Voltage in lminV2000
13Protect DegreeIPIP2X
14Rated Voltage of Aux. control CircuitVAC 110 / DC 220

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