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MV Three Phase 11kV Power System Load Break Switch

Orign of Place: Zhejiang ,China

Certificate: ISO CCC Ice

Mechanical Life: 2000times

Filth Level: 2

Rated Voltage:
Rated Current:
Rated Frequency:
  • FZN25

  • Zhegui Electric

  • 12kv

  • up to 630A

  • 50Hz

  • 1 Piece

  • Offered



       FKN12A-12D/T630-20 indoor high voltage pneumatic load switch-fuse combination (hereinafter referred to as FKN12A-12D load switch) is three-phase high voltage switchgear with rated voltage of 12kV and rated frequency of 50Hz, which is used for the separation and combination of load current, closed-loop current, no-load transformer and cable charging current. Turn off the short circuit current. Load switch equipped with ground switch can withstand short circuit current. FKRN12A-12D/T125-31.5 AC high voltage load switch-fuse combination is indoor high voltage switchgear combined with FN12A-12D load switch and Sport LAJ-2 (XRNT-10) high voltage current-limiting fuse. It can reliably turn on any current up to the short-circuit current, the load switch turns on the working current, the fuse turns on the short-circuit current, and the fuse turns on any overcurrent between the working current and the full short-circuit current. At the same time, the fuse switches off the load switch through its impinger.


Working Conditons

1.Air temperature: -25ºC~+40ºC;

2.Altitude: not more than 1000m;

3.Relative humidity: daily mean no more than 95%, monthly mean no more than 90%.

4.Earthquake intensity: no more than 8 magnitudes;

5.Installation place: no fire, explosion danger, chemical corrosion and violent vibration place;

6.Filth level: 2.

Types of meaning

F K N 12A - 12
Load switch Air medium indoor Design a
sequence number 
Rated voltag(KV)

Breaking load current & Close short circuit current

It is used for breaking load current, closed-loop current, no-load transformer and cable charging current, closing short circuit current.


Can withstand short-circuit current

Equipped with grounding switch load switch can withstand short-circuit current.


Arc extinguishing device

When opening, the main shaft drives the piston to compress the air, which makes the compressed air eject from the nozzle at high speed and blow out the arc.


High breaking ability fuse

It has the function of open phase trip,which can cut off short-circuit current and be used as protection equipment.




1. Cabinet bracket 2. Disconnector 3. Fuse 4. Insulated tension pole5. Upper bracket 6. Vacum interrupter 7. Static contact 8. Insulator9. Grounding knife 10. Grounding knife spring 11.Opening spring12. The tripping driving device 13. Insulated tension pole 14. Main axle15.Layshaft 16. Adjusting yoke 17. Spring operating mechanism 

Technical Parameters

1The rated voltageKV1212
2Rated frequencyHz5050
3Rated currentA630125
4Rated insulation level1min power frequencyAgainst the ground, phaseKV4242
withstand voltageThe isolation of fractureKV4848
Lightning shock withstandAgainst the ground, phaseKV7575
voltage (peak)The isolation of fractureKV8585
5Load switchKA20-
Grounding switchKA2020
6Load switchS4-
Grounding switchS22
7Rated short circuit closing current (peak)KA50-
8Rated breaking currentActive load breaking currentA630-
Closed-loop breaking currentA630-
5% active load breaking currentA31.5-
Cable charging currentA10-
Turn off the no-load transformer capacityKVA12501250
9Rated short circuit breaking current (current limiting fuse)KA-31.5
10Rated transfer currentA-1200
11Mechanical lifenext20002000
12Impactor outputs energyJ-1+0.5

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