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Industrial Park

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Zhegui Electric provides 0.4-10kV switch cabinets for various types of Industrial and mining enterprises, including central power distribution rooms, various distributions, and workshops. According to customer needs, Zhegui Electric can provide one-stop turnkey projects for power supply systems. Including external line construction, design, construction report, electrical equipment manufacturing, installation, new energy system construction and other complete system integration. At the same time, it can provide related services such as energy efficiency management, power quality optimization, and protection level customization according to the customer's on-site usage.


Application scenarios

Industrial Park ,Factory Light ,Industry Manufacturing



Zhegui Electric's power distribution system solution is especially aimed at the Industrial and mining enterprises medium and low voltage 10KV/0.4KV power distribution system. A high-voltage 10KV power distribution station with a dual-circuit power supply line. When the power is supplied normally, the section isolation switch is disconnected, and the two sections of busbars are supplied by the workshop substation. There are voltage transformers and lightning arresters on the bus bars at both ends for metering and lightning protection. A capacitor for compensating reactive power is connected to the low-voltage bus to improve the power factor of the factory. According to the relationship between power supply and primary equipment such as power transmission, distribution and control, the power distribution solution for Industrial and mining enterprises includes 10KV switchgear, 0.4KV switchgear and related power distribution equipment.

Features and advantages

1. One-stop service

Provide a unified solution for the power supply of Industrial and mining enterprises and reduce the difficulty of user design, construction, and procurement.

2. Innovation

Change the single substation as the core power supply mode and provide a new industrial power supply management mode.

3. Scalability

Reserve interfaces for customers' long-term construction.


Core Products

MNS, active power filter device


Typical Case

1.In December 2016, Zhegui Electric signed a procurement contract with Hunan Dexinrui Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. to provide high and low voltage for the 10kV power distribution project of Waterma batteries in Jinzhou High-tech Zone, Ningxiang, Changsha City, Hunan Province

Power distribution equipment and transformers.

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