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Zhegui Electric provides hydroelectric power station users with medium voltage (6-35KV) switchgear on the power generation side, 0.4kV switchgear for station use, DC system and related power transmission, power generation, power distribution equipment installation and construction general contracting, system integration, energy efficiency management Etc., and can provide related services such as in-depth design of customized system design schemes, primary and secondary integration according to customer needs.


Application scenarios

Hydroelectric power station



The installed capacity of a medium-sized hydropower station is generally 25MW and less than the capacity of a hydropower station ≤ 250MW. The plant power supply adopts double-layer radiation power supply, and the two-level voltage is 10kV/6kV and 400V respectively. The unit's own electricity and the plant's public electricity adopt a hybrid power supply method . The main equipment of Zhegui Electric's intelligent power distribution solution for hydroelectric power generation includes generator-side 6.3KV switchgear, station-use 10KV switchgear, 0.4KV switchgear and related power distribution equipment.


Features and advantages

1.All kinds of equipment are available

Through Zhegui Electric's intelligent solution, it can cover all the switchgear in the low- and medium-voltage system in the station to ensure the consistency of the product.

2. Perfect value-added services

It can provide customers with customized exclusive services, as well as energy efficiency, monitoring, and long-term system operation and maintenance services.

3. Quick response service process

Fast service sites covering various countries and regions around the world, providing 7*24 hours of exclusive services to achieve rapid response, rapid arrival, and rapid resolution


Core Products


Typical Case


The Shiziyan Hydropower Station is located at the Wushui River near the south side of Xinhuang Dong Autonomous County, Hunan Province. The total length of the dam is 347 meters. The overflow dam section is 124 meters long, the overflow dam crest is 305 meters high, and the maximum dam height is 18 meters. The overflow dam is equipped with nine 12x9.3m steel arc gates. The normal water level of the reservoir is 314 meters. The power station plant covers an area of 48*36.5 meters, is 27 meters high, and has three floors. The upper floor is the control room, and the middle and lower floors are the machine room. The total designed installed capacity in the machine room is 3x3200 kilowatts (9600 kilowatts).