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The Zhegui Electric hospital power distribution system solution combines the hospital's load classification, power supply system, emergency power supply system, lighting system and special medical places for power quality requirements to provide a complete, high reliability, and high security for the hospital power distribution system. Power distribution system solutions.


Application scenarios

Hospital precision instrument place



According to the particularity of the hospital's power distribution system, our company has designed a high-reliability and high-safety power distribution system. Schneider or Siemens authorized cabinets can be selected for medium and low voltage power distribution switch cabinets; high-reliability dual power switch boxes can be selected for special medical places, such as operating areas, etc.; for precision medical equipment, where power quality requirements are particularly high, they can be used The wall-mounted active filter device with perfect filtering function saves space and is also convenient for later transformation and expansion.

Features and advantages

1. High reliability, high safety, and high coordination

Provide complete sets of switchgear authorized by Siemens and Schneider to ensure the high reliability, high safety and high coordination of the power supply system.

2. Perfect power quality

Provide active filter device and dual power switch box to ensure the sustainability and safety of power supply for medical special places and precision instruments.


Core Products

KYN28, MNS, active power filter device


Typical Case