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​What is Isolating Switch?

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Isolating Switch is a type of switch without arc extinguishing device. It is mainly used to separate the circuit without a load current and to isolate the power supply. In the open state there is an obvious separation point to ensure the safe inspection and repair of other electrical equipment. The function of the Isolating Switch is to control the switching on and off of electrical equipment in the house. It is, of course, important to say that it is important, and although it is only a small part, it still needs protection.

What is the function of the Isolating Switch play?

What are the properties of Isolating Switches?

What role does the Isolating Switch play?

What is the function of the Isolating Switch play?

It can reliably pass the normal load current and the short circuit failure current in the closed state. Since it does not have a special arc-extinguishing device, it cannot turn off the load current and the short circuit current.

Therefore, the Isolating Switch can only be activated if the circuit has been disconnected by the power switch. Operating with loads is strictly forbidden in order to avoid heavy equipment and personal accidents.

Only voltage converters, lightning rods, vacuum converters with a small 2A and vacuum circuits with a small 5A current can be operated directly with separation switches.

What are the properties of Isolating Switches?

1. When overhauling the electrical equipment, the Isolating Switch provides an electrical pause and is a clearly visible separation point to protect the personal safety of the maintenance staff.

2. Isolating Switches cannot be operated with load: they cannot be operated with nominal load or large load, load current and short circuit current cannot be shared or combined, but those with arc extinguishing chambers can be operated with small load and without load circuit.

3. In general transmission mode: first close the disconnect switch, then close the power switch or load switch; when the power is switched off: first disconnect the power switch or the load switch and then the disconnect switch.

4. The selection is the same as for other electrical devices, and their rated voltage, rated current, dynamic stable current, thermally stable current, etc. must comply with the requirements of the intended use.

What role does the Isolating Switch play?

It is generally used as a high voltage Isolating Switch, i.e. as a Isolating Switch with a rated voltage over 1 kV. The principle of operation and the structure of the separation switch itself are relatively simple, but due to the large use and high reliability requirements for the design and construction of power plants and power stations. The impact of safety and security operations is relatively large. The main feature of the Isolating Switch is that it has no arc solubility and can only open and close the circuit in a non-current state. The article presents the functions, properties, types, applications, improvements in error prevention, maintenance and general problems of separation switches.

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