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SF6 Load Break Switch

Zhejiang Zhegui Electric Co., Ltd was established in 2013. Our company has nearly 60 million fixed assets, covering 20000 square meters. 

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    FLN36-12D, FLRN36-12D sulfur hexafluoride load switch, load switch-fuse combination, and loadable cable head load switch are designed and developed by our company by absorbing foreign advanced technology and combining with the operating requirements of our country.

    After comprehensive type test, the product conforms to GB3804 "3~ 63kV AC high voltage load switch", GB16926 "high voltage load switch-fuse combination", IEC60265, IEC60420 standard requirements.

    The product has three positions of arc extinguishing chamber, which is reliable in interlocking , high insulation strength at breakage, large climbing distance design, and the outlet end is protected by voltage sharing protective cover.

    Install cable head type load switch, the outlet end of which is equipped with touch-type cable front connector, the inlet and outlet line is installed with high-voltage cable, and it is equipped with cable branch (connection) box.

    The switch has a special dynamic seal and fixed seal design, reliable seal, and is equipped with pressure gauge in obvious position. It is a new generation of high voltage switchgear equipped with urban power grid for operation monitoring to ensure operation safety.

    This product is suitable for three-phase AC 10KV, 50HZ power systems, industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings, residential areas, pre-installed substation places, used to open and close the load current, fault current, control and protection lines and distribution transformers.


Working Conditons

1.Ambient temperature: -15ºC~+40ºC;

2.Altitude: no more than 1000m;

3.Relative humidity: the average value of daily relative humidity shall not exceed 95%, the average value of monthly relative humidity shall not exceed 90%, the average value of daily water vapor pressure shall not exceed 2.2kPa, and the average value of monthly water vapor pressure shall not exceed More than 1.8 kPa;

4.Ambient air: not visibly contaminated by dust, smoke, corrosive and/or flammable gases, vapors or salt spray; The vibration or ground movement from the outside of the switchgear and control equipment can be ignored;

5.The amplitude of electromagnetic interference induced in the secondary system shall not exceed 1.6kV.

6.Special Service Conditions: According to the national standard GBT11022-999 "Common Technical Requirements of High Voltage

Switchgear and Control Equipment Standard", the circuit breaker should be operated under normal service conditions. If the working

conditions used by the user are different from the normal operating conditions, such as the installation site is over 1000m above sea level, the

ambient air temperature exceeds the limit specified in the normal operating conditions or the high humidity where condensation is easy tooccur, the user shall consult with the manufacturer and reach an agreement.

Types of meaning

F L (R) N 36 - 12 D
/ T (  ) (  )
Load switch Sulfur hexafluorid With fuse  indoor Design serial number Rated voltage With earthing switch Spring operating mechanism Rated current Rated short time withstand current


High quality protective shell

Simple, concise appearance, convenient installation, strong ability to adapt, not influenced by external conditions


Easy to operate

SF6 gas has stable and reliable performance, long service life and strong closing and breaking ability


Ensuring good contact

The contact is good when closing, and the connecting part is not overheated


Modular design

Meet the needs of the various substation on compact switchgear flexible use




Technical Parameters

name unit date
nominal voltage
12 12 
rated frequency
50 50 
rated currentA630 125 
Load switch rated short - term tolerance current/rated short - circuit durationkA/S20/3
Ground switch rated short-time tolerance current/rated short-circuit durationkA/S20/2
Rated peak tolerance current and rated short-circuit closing currentkA50125expect
rated breaking current Active load breaking currentA630 
Closed-loop breaking currentA630 
5% rated active load breaking currentA31.5 
Turn off the cable charging currentA10
Turn off the no-load transformer capacityKVA12501250
Turn off the transfer currentA1700
Expected short circuit breaking currentkA50
Rated insulation level1minl frequency withstand voltage phase, to ground/offKV42/4842/48
Lightning shock withstand voltage phase, to ground/offKV75/8575/85
mechanical life
SF6 rated air pressure (gauge pressure at 20°C)"MPa0.04-0.050.04-0.05

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