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Outdoor High Voltage 6kV Composite Drop Out Fuse




   Drop-out fuse cutout and load switching fuse cutouts are outdoor high voltage protection devices. They are connected with the incoming feeder of the distribution transformer or distribution lines. These are primarily used to protect transformers or lines from short circuits and overloads and switching currents. The drop-out fuse unit is composed of insulator supports and a fuse tube, static contacts are fixed on two sides of the insulator support and moving contact is installed on two ends of fuse tube. The interior of the fuse tube is the extinguishing tube. the exterior is made of the phenolic compound paper tube or epoxy glass. Load switching cutout fuse provides stretch auxiliary contacts and arc-extinguish exclosure for switching on/off loading current.

        In normal operation, the fuse link is tightened to form tho closed position. In the fault current situation, the fuse link melts and an electrical arc is formed. The arc-extinguishing tube is as occurs. This causes high pressure inside the tube and causes the tube to separate from the contacts. The strength of the contact is relaxed once the fuse elements melt. The cutouts now in the open position, the operator needs to switch the current off. Then with an insulated operating bar, the moving contact can be pulled off. The main contact and auxiliary contact is connected.

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Working Conditons

1.Ambient temperature: no higher than +40ºC, not lower than-30ºC

2.Altitude: no more than 1000m: (more than 1000m can be corrected according to GB311.1-1997)

3.Power frequency: 50Hz

4.Earthquake intensity: 7 degrees and below

5.Maximum wind speed: 35m/s

Types of meaning

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Product Name: R-fuse

Installation site



Design serial number Other signs  Rated voltage kv



Hot dip galvanizing process

    High temperature resistance of ceramicInsulation support


Hot dip galvanizing 

Hot dip galvanizing has good corrosion resistance


Good conductivity

Strong electrical conductivity and high safety performance


Fuse tube

UV resistant special coating


Hot dip galvanizing process


The main technical parameters


1 upper terminal (tinned copper casting hot tinned 3um). 
2. Top cover (using high quality 304 stainless steel and connected terminal blocks) 
3. Upper contact piece (connected body thickness 2mm) enhances electrical conductivity 
4. Upper moving contact (304 stainless steel spring is subject to large pressure). 
5. Start-up hook (fork hoak can effectively guide the fuse into the clasing position). 
6. Fuse tube (anti-ultraviolet. It has moisture absorption and long life) 
7. The trunnion (silver plated 3um) avoids shaking left and right when closing, and the accuracy is highi 
8. Lower static contact (not visible) (the shunt plate silver plating current path is not connected to the plated chain pin) 
9. Jumper (provides fast end separation, cable strands pop up quickly)10. High-strength insulator (self-cleaning ability, high strength, excellent process) 

Main technical parameters

Rated voltage (kV)12(15)12(15)
Rated current (A)100200
Rated frequency (Hz)5050
Base rated current (A)100200
Rated short-circuit breaking current (kA/A)8/100, 12.5/100, 16/10012.5/200, 16/200
Power frequency withstand voltage test (kV)45/5545/55
Power frequency withstand voltage dry test (kV)50/5550/55
Rated lightning impulse voltage (kV)125125
Creepage distance (mm/kV)330330
Mechanical life (times)500500
Altitude (mm)10001000
Ambient temperature ()-40~+70-40~+70
Dimensions (cm)50x36x12.550x36x12.5

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