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​How to use Isolating Switches?

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In general, a set of Isolating Switches is installed on the front and back of the power switch. The purpose is to separate the power switch from the power supply in order to form an obvious separation point; Since the original power switch uses an oil power switch, the oil power switch often needs to be maintained.

How does the Isolating Switch work properly?

What kind of Isolating Switches are there?

How is the Isolating Switch configured?

How does the Isolating Switch work properly?

The correct operating order of the Isolating Switch switch:

1. When operating the disconnect switch, check first whether the power switch of the relevant circuit is actually in the off position to prevent the disconnect switch from being pulled or closed.

2. When the line is stopped and the power is transferred, the Isolating Switch switch shall be opened and closed in turn. In the event of power failure, first the power switch must be drawn, then the network side Isolating Switch and then the bus side Isolating Switch switch. The operation of the transmission system is opposed to that of a power failure. In the event of mishandling, the accident size can be reduced as described above in order to avoid human-made accidents spreading to the bus.

3. When serious defects, such as serious damage to the insulator or the transmission rod of the Isolating Switch switch, are detected during operation, no operation shall be permitted.

4. When the disconnect switch is activated, personnel should be available to phase-check the opening and closing positions, the synchronization conditions, the contact depth and other elements on site to ensure that the disconnect switch is in the correct function and position.

5. The Isolating Switch should generally be operated in the main control room. In the event of failure of the remote control, manual or electrical operation may be carried out on site, but the approval of the station manager or the competent technician must be sought and operation may be carried out under the condition of supervision on the part of the operator.

6. Electrical, electromagnetic and mechanical locks are installed between the Isolating Switch switch, the grounding switch and the power switch to prevent malfunctions.

When the switching process is performed, it must be performed consecutively. In the event of failure of the locking device or failure of the Isolating Switch and grounding switch, the corresponding power switch and the switch setting shall be strictly checked according to the requirements of the lock. Only after verification of the correctness can the barrier be lifted and the operation performed.

What kind of Isolating Switches are there?

According to the different installation methods

It can be divided into external and internal high voltage switches. Outdoor Isolating Switch refers to a Isolating Switch, the wind, rain, snow, dirt, condensation water, ice and thick frost, etc. stands and is suitable for installation on the terrace.

Due to the difference in its insulating column structure

It can be divided into single-column Isolating Switches, two-column Isolating Switches and three-column Isolating Switches. Below them, the column Isolating Switch switch uses the vertical space directly as electrical insulation of the fracture under the overhead line. Therefore, it has obvious advantages of saving space, reducing supply wires, and the opening and closing state is particularly clear. In the case of ultra-high-voltage energy transmission, the effect of saving face is even more obvious after the column separation switch is used in the substation.

How is the Isolating Switch configured?

1. Both sides of the power switch should be equipped with separation switches in order to create an obvious break and to separate the power supply when the power switch is overtaken.

2. Ordinary transformers, whose focal point is directly grounded, should be grounded via a Isolating Switch switch.

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